What Women Want From Men – But CAN’T Tell ‘Em


Have you noticed how much women expect from men? Well, after this coaching program you’ll know what they want and exactly how to give it to them in ways that make you both happy – especially you!

This 8 week coaching program unravels the mysteries of the Female Gender for you. You’ll learn what’s most important to women, your value to women and what satisfies them most. Women will no longer confuse you and you’ll begin to understand “womenspeak.” Your authentic expression as a male will be front and center. Men will admire you and women desire you. You will experience the life of a “Star” – Rock Star, Movie Star, All Star – you get to choose.  And, be chosen!


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In today’s culture, there’s a lot of confusion for both genders as it relates to what women today want. Men are loosing our masculine edge in our current culture. This program is all about you restoring your natural masculinity in a way that allows women to see you as the great man that you actually are.


You’ll learn:

  • Your value as a man

  • What turns women on and off

  • How to communicate with women

  • How to be the type of man women want

  • What works and what doesn’t work with women

  • Become better at dating and romance with your wife, your girlfriend or someone new.


This program is designed to give men back to themselves and make the women in their life happy by clarifying the differences between gender such that you’ll love and benefit from those differences. Knowing what women want and how to give it to them will help create your ability to win with women in a real and sustainable way.

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