The Anatomy of Dating


Almost everyone who’s not in a relationship wants to be in one. If you’re one of those people, the challenges you’re bumping up against are:

Difficulty in finding the right person
Frustration with the dating process


Most people focus their dating attention and energy on meeting the right person – which is understandable – but that hasn’t helped their dating life as much as they’ve hoped because there’s more to dating than just meeting the “right” person. Trying harder to do something we don’t know how to do – amd don’t even know we don’t know how to do – only makes the pain of failure go deeper and the disappointment more acute.tony vear anatomy of dating 34

What most of us don’t know is that dating is more than just meeting people and hoping things just work out. It’s a fundamentally sound social structure with multiple aspects and stages that need to be understood and skillfully implemented in order to produce the results we want.


There are 3 main parts to dating: Activities, Communication and Mindset.

When it comes to dating, people focus heavily on the activities they’ll be engaged in during the date: making plans around where to go and what to do. That makes sense because doing things that both you and your date enjoy will always be important and if the 2 of you hit it off, you’ll have a great head start towards creating a great relationship. However, there’s 2 other separate yet equal aspects of dating that need the level of attention and skill already given to the Activities arena – Communication and Mindset. Most people aren’t aware of those aspects of dating and therefore, don’t even look for help there. As a result, they don’t know why a date didn’t work out but have lots of handy excuses and justifications why such as:

“I just wasn’t attracted to him/her”
“It wasn’t any fun”
“I don’t know why it didn’t work out but I sure wish it did”
“It just wasn’t meant to be”
“We didn’t have anything in common”

but no real solutions to prevent it from happening again. Without those new solutions, people justify what happened, numb themselves to the pain of what happened and distract themselves from the reality that it’ll happen again unless they learn something new and do something different.

When it comes to communication, staying on topic in conversations during a date is critical because not speaking the same language can have you either thinking you and your date aren’t on the same page, something’s wrong with your date or some other dysfunction and it may just be that none of what you’d be thinking is true. Plus, communication isn’t just the size of your vocabulary or poetic use of charming phrases. Your effectiveness as a communicator is closely tied to your mindset – what you think informs what you say most of the time. It’s difficult to communicate effectively in when you keep making yourself wrong, getting triggered or sabotaging what could’ve been a great date.

Actually, you WILL be communicating effectively – just not the things you want to be communicating.

tony vear what women want 2

For example, your date may be testing your commitment by pretending to resist you by maintaining a straight face because they’re needy or skeptical. Maybe they’re so turned on by you they can’t concentrate and this makes them sound like they don’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe they’re not really interested in you but because they see you’re really into them they push the envelop to get what they want from you by taking advantage of your desire for them. Those aren’t things you’ll be able to figure out by researching the best restaurants or sightseeing tours for a date. Those are things you’ll only figure out by having a basic understanding of the communication and mindset aspects of dating.

In addition, dating has a number of different stages and each stage has its own conversational needs and areas of mental focus. How conversations go when you greet someone at the beginning of your date will be different in the middle and the end. Knowing the nature of those conversational stages, when they show up and how best to take advantage of them will improve your effectiveness and overall dating experience.

The Anatomy of Dating workshop is the place to learn all this is.

The Anatomy of Dating is a 2 day experiential workshop where you get to interact with both men and women to teach you how to operate effectively in the world of dating. What you’ll get from the workshop is the following:

What’s Most Attractive About You To The Opposite Sex
Learn What The Opposite Sex Wants Out Of Dating
How To Start and Maintain Quality Conversations
How to Maintain and/or Escalate Your Self Esteem and Self Worth
Identify or Improve Your Dating Strengths and Eliminate Weaknesses

And much more.

By understanding the impact communication has on dating, the numerous conversational stages that are a natural part of the dating process, how your mindset impacts what you think, say and do, along with what to do about all that, you’ll be a big winner in the dating game.

So, why wait? Now’s the time to transform your dating experiences and set yourself up to be in the relationship of your dreams with the partner of your dreams.

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