Qualifying Men


Have you ever met a man who seemed like a great catch, but then the real guy showed up, things got really difficult, the relationship ended and you were left disappointed, hurt and alone?

Has that happened to you more than once?

What would life be like for you if you had the secret for figuring out how men think and who they really are BEFORE you got involved with them?


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If you knew how to recognize the type of man you’re really dealing with rather than instinctively celebrate the fact that he met your qualifications, you’d never get stuck in a bad relationship ever again.

The reason women often get into what turn out to be troublesome relationships is because they see and treat men the way they themselves want to be treated. They don’t even realize they’re viewing men as if men think, feel and act like they do because unless either people are taught to think and see things as others do, we won’t do it, don’t know to do it and don’t even know that we don’t know it. This sets women up for shock, heartbreak and resignation because they can’t see who the man they’re interested in really is until it’s too late and they’re fully involved emotionally.

Most women have a checklist of things they need a man to be, do and have in order for her to accept him as a mate. However, just because checklists are good for shopping and job hirings doesn’t make it the right tool for relatiionships. When it comes to dating and relationships, using a checklist is as useful as giving someone your best hammer when they’re drowning – hammers are great tools, but not for people who are drowning.

The main problem for women in almost every relationship that doesn’t work out comes down to this simple fact:

Women not understanding men.

Checklists tell you whether you’re getting what you want or not. What they don’t tell you is who a man is. Job hiring interviews focus on what a person can do, not who they are so using something that tells you what a person can do but not who they really are will leave you uninformed and unprepared for the realities of being in a relationship.

Men see the world differently than women do: they pay attention to different things, communicate for different reasons, take actions, make plans, get into relationships and almost everything in life for different reasons than women do but because they communicate using the same words, topics and language as women do, it seems like you’re both in the same conversation. In reality, nothing could be furthre from the truth.

The impact of not understanding men is extensive: you won’t be able to have a great relationship because you won’t know how to get them to do the things you want and need from them, conversations will turn into misunderstandings, disagreements, disappointments, resentments, confusion and arguments as well as all the things that already happened to you in the past.

If you’re tired of having poor relationships with men, if you’re tired of not knowing what went wrong or being able to turn things around, it’s time for you to learn how to understand men.


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For many, not understanding men, not knowing how to get what they want, how to make him happy, how to accept and trust them, makes their brain practically explode with overthinking:

Why did he do that?
What’s he thinking now?
How come he won’t talk to me?
How can I tell if he means what he says?
Am I really important to him?
Does he think she’s prettier than me?
Does he really love me like he says he does?

Stop driving yourself crazy.

If you’re someone who’s tired of being tired of this problem, the Qualifying Men program is for you.

Qualifying Men is an 8 session program designed to educate and train you to think, feel and act in ways that work for men, relationships and ultimately, you. Conveniently delivered over the phone, the moment you commit will be the moment your problems and pain around men will begin to disappear.

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