Almost everyone who’s not in a relationship wants to be in one. If you’re one of them, the challenges you’re bumping up against are:

  • Difficulty in finding the right person

  • Frustration with the dating process

Dating is a fundamentally sound social structure with multiple aspects and stages that need to be skillfully utilized in order to make dating work. READ MORE


tony vear qualifying men 12Qualifying Men

This program is strictly for the ladies.

If your Mr. Right lived next door to you, worked in your office building or stood next to you at the next holiday party, would you be able to recognize him?

If you want to develop X Ray Vision – the type of vision that will give you the ability to see through and get to know who men, really are, click on the link below and register for this program. READ MORE


tony vear happily ever after

Happily Ever After

We’ve all seen couples that act like High School Sweethearts decades after saying, “I Do.” To them, they almost never know why their relationship works but they’re thrilled to pieces that it does. To us, they look like the exception to the rules of relationships.

Stop envying them & start learning the secrets they live by.  It’s possible for you – right now – to be in the relationship of your dreams with the partner of your dreams. READ MORE


What Women Want From Men – But CAN’T Tell ‘Em

tony vear qualifying men 2

This program is strictly for men.

This program unravels the mysteries of the Female Gender for you. You’ll learn what’s most important to women, your value to women and what satisfies them most. Women will no longer confuse you and you’ll begin to understand “womenspeak.” Your authentic expression as a male will be front and center. Men will admire you and women desire you. You will experience the life of a “Star” – Rock Star, Movie Star, All Star – you get to choose.  And, be chosen! READ MORE