Men’s Emotions, Women’s Emotions: Cracking The Code Totony vear men and women emotions Relationship Bliss


How well do you understand the Opposite Sex in the following areas:

What they think about
How they feel
What they say
Why they say it
What makes them happy
What makes them fall in love
What makes them so confusing
What makes them do the things they do

If you have questions or issues with more than 2 items above, then this is the event for you!

On Sunday, October 25th, 2015, you’ll walk away from this event with the answers to the above issues plus a whole lot more:

Why you react the way you do
How to manage your own emotions
How understanding emotions will improve your communication skills
How to give the opposite sex what they want and need without damaging youself and/or your relationship

If getting along and having great relationships with the opposite sex is important to you, this live outdoor 2 hour event (with snacks and goodies) will change the way you see and experience them forever.

tony vear strong couplesLogistics:

Wentz Run Park Blue Bell, PA 19422

Directions and Evemt Space:

Price: $20.00

See you there!